We are the only Dry Cleaner in Fremont using

"Green Earth Cleaning" System!


#1 Cleaners and Alterations is a pioneering type of dry cleaner. Breaking away from the

trends of a stagnant industry, #1 Cleaners and Alterations is designed with forward-looking

technology and sustainable practices. 

Beginning with the cleaning process, we abandon the use of toxic solvents and employ safe,

non-toxic cleaning agents such as GreenEarth Cleaning, a gentle but remarkably effective

cleaning agent that is environmentally safe, won't fade colors, ensures that whites stays white,

and softens as it cleans. We have the latest state-of-art and highly efficient dry cleaning equipment. 

#1 Cleaners and Alterations understands that you're concerned about the proper care and

cleaning of your garments. so are we. our team of professionals takes great strides to go above

and beyond the level of service offered by other dry cleaners.Join us in keepingyour garments

and our enviroment beautiful, clean and green